LOEM’s philosophy is first and foremost to impart our human values to our employees. Family, respect, determination and fairness are at the core of all our actions. Passion, cooperation, the drive to progress and the ambition to provide excellent service are objectives shared by all LOEM employees.

The commitment and mobilization of our 15 employees make LOEM a thriving human firm with the wind in its sails.

Marie-Hélène Savard

President, Founder
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What I love about my job at LOEM: my entire team’s passion and the privileged relationships I’ve built with my clients


Israël Labadie

Vice-President, Operations
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What I love about my job at LOEM: the sense of family I feel here every day


Annie Carmchael

Director, Products
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What I love about my job at LOEM: the relationships we create with our clients and the easy work-family balance


Nathalie Martel

Vice-President Strategic Development
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What I like about my job at LOEM: the extraordinary corporate culture that propose values based on strong and sustainable partnerships with both our clients and our business partners.

Nathalie Martel

Camilo Montes

Director, Deployment Projects
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What I love about my job at LOEM: the respect for others and the appreciation for a job well done


Carlo Rossi

Director, Partner Projects
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What I love about my job at LOEM: the work conditions, the office environment and how my fantastic colleagues make it fun to come to work every day


Emanuel Bilc

Systems Integrator
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What I love about my job at LOEM: the work dynamic and camaraderie


Francis Desrochers

Systems Integrator
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What I love about my job at LOEM: the friendly, professional atmosphere and community involvement – the means to have a healthy body and mind are all at our disposal!


Shawn Grégoire

Support Technician
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What I love about my job at LOEM: I love the challenges of my job. I like that things are always moving and constantly evolving so I never stop learning.


Justin Grégoire

Support Technician
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What I love about my job at LOEM: At LOEM, I can enhance my skills, express myself through my work and make a difference in a family atmosphere through excellent team work.


François-Léo Gasse

Contact Center Business Analyst
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What I love about my job at LOEM: the team dynamics, our close relationship and especially the huge confidence placed in employees


Katherine Bernard

Marketing Coordinator
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What I love about my job at LOEM: working on a team of broadminded people with whom I can reach my fill potential to bring my work to the next level


Suzanne Mayrand

Accounting Manager
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What I love about my job at LOEM: being able to externalize my skills in a fun and friendly work environment


Carolline Allaire

Administrative Assistant

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What I like about my job at LOEM: the flexibility, the versatility in my tasks and the warm and friendly atmosphere of the office.

Carolline Allaire