Calabrio Advanced Reporting: CCC Business Intelligence

Discover the assets of Calabrio Advanced Reporting platform in this explanatory video.



Calabrio Advanced Reporting for the Modern, Multichannel Contact Center

Calabrio Advanced Reporting breaks down data silos and puts an end to the headache of patching together vendor-, vertical-, and data type-specific reports. Fully aggregate and integrate data from both inside and outside of the contact center with the advanced business intelligence tools in Calabrio Advanced Reporting—a powerful and accurate contact center reporting and analytics platform.

Collect and Blend All of Your Customer Interaction Data

Pull together disparate contact center data streams—in any format and from any source—including automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice recognition (IVR), quality management (QM), workforce management (WFM), customer relationship management (CRM), human resources management (HRMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), homegrown software applications and more. Integrate structured and unstructured data, such as voice, text and desktop activity.

Leverage Pre-Built Integrations for a Shorter Time to Value

Out-of-the box integrations allow for efficient monitoring of the entire contact center operation. Calabrio Advanced Reporting includes pre-built adaptors for a robust set of third —party software applications–examples include:

  1. Telephony ACDs:
    • Aspect
    • Avaya
    • Cisco
    • Interactive Intelligence
  2. IVRs & Predictive Dialers
    • Avaya Proactive Contact
    • Avaya Voice Portal
    • Cisco Voice Portal
    • Genesys Voice Platform
  3. Enterprise Software
    • Amazon
    • Microsoft
    • Oracle

Calabrio Advanced Reporting integrates seamlessly with Calabrio ONE and has pre-built integrations with Genesys, Verint, NICE and other workforce optimization products.

For more information or for a demo of the platform, do not hesitate to contact a member of the LOEM team.