About LOEM

LOEM is a specialized firm for customer contact centres (formerly called call centres). 

Founded in 2007 by Marie-Hélène Savard, LOEM is now based in two locations in order to serve its customers efficiently. On the South Shore of Montreal and in Downtown Montreal,  the company currently employs a team of 13 passionate and dedicated people.

In terms of both internal process management and technology tools, LOEM offers a range of specialized services exclusively for contact centres, including, in each of its components, measurable return on investments year after year.

In addition to creating a strategic customer experience, LOEM provides analytics cutting-edge solutions, including call recording, workforce and quality management and voice analytics, consulting services to optimize processes and customized training programs for agents, managers and specialized teams.

LOEM’s community involvement, the focus on its clients and collaborators, and also, the dedication in projects and diligence in meeting deadlines, make the firm a solid, human service company.

In Canada, the United States, Latin America and Europe, the customer relationship drives all of our actions.