Management with a smile – Article by Gael Chatelain

In contact centers when the pressure mounts and we have difficulty meeting service levels, it often happens that management will stop applying good practices because the stress level is so high. It is, however proven that it is much more effective and efficient to always opt for a positive management style.

The article by Gaël Chatelain, management with a smile, shows a form of management that promotes motivation and retention of staff in business.

With the exception of a few professions, we must always keep in mind one simple phrase : We do not save lives! Yet a number of managers seem incapable of integrating this fact and, in worst cases, use a form of management through terror or, at best, are unable to cope with the pressure. It is a little bit like if, when a problem were to arise, the pilot of an airplane were to announce on the microphone “attention passengers and crew, we are all going to diiieee”. [1] Chatelain, Gaël. (2016) Le management par le sourire

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