The Omni-Channel strategy: the new Eldorado of commerce!

From a linear relationship with the consumer, the single-channel, we have moved on to a relationship covering many different facets, horizontal and pyramid: the Omni-Channel relationship. This strategy represents a path for the customer to follow without interruption, “neither physical nor emotional,” a “perfectly smooth buying experience.” This strategy offers a real opportunity to make every point of contact with the customer an important encounter. A loyal customer who is engaged on multiple fronts will consume up to 30% more than single-channel customers, not taking into consideration the many other advantages and benefits that are generated.

A Few Statistics…

The opportunity cost of not being Omni-Channel represents 10% in lost revenue.

84% of companies surveyed by Retail Systems Research believe that a consistent experience between channels is very important.

15% increase in customer satisfaction.

7% increase in customer retention versus a 5% decrease without the omni-channel strategy.

12 to 18% of budgetary savings related to the cost of customer service.

Why Omni-Channel?

What is Omni-Channel? What is Omni-Channel in a customer contact centre?

What is mobilization? Discover the difference between motivation and mobilization, as well as the tangible benefits of mobilization in a CCC.

How can we benefit from the change to an Omni-Channel strategy to promote organizational commitment from agents?

See how to mobilize your resources through a model that favors the empowerment of agents and the enhancement of the customer experience.

Conference on the essentials of this subject*

You would like to know more on how to optimize your Omni-Channel strategy? At the LOEM Event, on September 21, we will discuss a model for transforming your CCC into an omnichannel customer experience and we will review the paradigms and ways of focusing the processes on the customer experience. We look forward to seeing you there! * Conference in French only.


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