A contact centre is a place for conversations between people.

These conversations are the voice of your organization—a unique opportunity for you to deliver your message. Planning and ensuring the quality of customer relationships will drive customer loyalty and staff retention.

LOEM possesses the expertise required to support you in the optimization of your contact centre with custom consulting services for company process review.

We Specialize

LOEM consulting services

Create quick and tangible returns on your investments through a complete review of your contact centre’s processes. Easily determine points on which to improve and reach your business goals:

  • Audit and diagnosis of your contact centre’s operations
  • Recommendations to reach your objectives and enhance performance

A stimulating work environment fosters productivity and employee satisfaction. The process to review the call centre’s layout involves several aspects:

  • Creation of a synergy between contact types and resources
  • Analysis and recommendations (ergonomics, acoustics, technological tools)
  • Study of the key reasons employees leave their work spaces to reduce the amount of time spent coming and going

Going over the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is critical to ensure quick customer response times, avoid losing contacts and reach your service objectives. Better call routing stops customers from hanging up and reduces call volumes:

  • Complete review and optimization of the IVR

The implementation of a quality assurance program ensures rigour and consistency in the contact centre’s evaluation processes:

  • Audit of current processes and determination best industry practices
  • Optimization of your Q.A. team, evaluation form and analysis of the number of evaluations to be carried out
  • Drafting of call assessment, calibration, coaching and program implementation guides

Having the right number of telephone lines to ensure call centre efficiency will enable you to reach your service objectives and target maximum blockage times in peak periods:

  • Determination of the number of lines required based on call volumes
  • Optimal alignment of telephone lines and the number of resources based on incoming calls

If your needs or requirement are not listed here, contact us and we will set out a plan that meets your objectives.