nGAGEMENT by nGUVU is a gamification software, created to increase Employee Engagement and Predictive Analytics. Integrated with any contact center platform, it empowers your agents to perform at their best, while providing machine learning-based analytics for workforce optimization.

nGAGEMENT by nGUVU takes your contact centre performance to the next level: employee engagement is achieved via social media features and game mechanics, leveraging your existing contact center data and reports from any vendor solution.

nGAGEMENT also adds predictive analytics and powerful reporting tools. Save time and money with nGAGEMENT.


  • Quality monitoring – Access the nGAGEMENT Quality scorecard for instant insight into each KPI that contributes to an agent’s overall quality score.
  • Schedule Overview – Managers get an overview of their team’s performance metrics in real-time, as nGAGEMENT synchronizes with any Contact Center system via standards-based connectors. All features available regardless of platform, device or browser.
  • Manager Overview – The Manager Overview provides vital insight into your agent teams and departments, as well as multiple sites. This consolidated view provides access to KPIs, compliance metrics, and points from competitions, as well as a number of other configurable metrics.
  • Contest Module – With the contest module, you can make it easy to run weekly, monthly, or “ad-hoc” contests to boost performance. Sales and Service agents can create teams, view their progress, and stay up to date on contest details via the notification feed.
  • Sales Module – Agents get instant access to their current sales goals, KPIs, and progress, along with indicators that provide incentives for pushing their performance to the next level.
  • Sales Management dashboard – Sales dashboards abound, but ours provides deep analysis and predictive data – leveraging our industry-unique Machine Learning model – for actionable data and decision-support at the manager and executive levels.
  • Avatar – The Avatar is the agent’s representation in nGAGEMENT. Avatars create a strong emotional attachment between the player and the game. We offer thousands of avatar combinations, and can also develop branded or site-specific characters to comply with corporate standards.
  • Leaderboard – Agents can access the Tour feature to help with navigation across the various nGAGEMENT modules, access system parameters for password changes and language preference, and submit comments or questions.
  • Challenge – Using the Challenge feature, agents can invite a colleague to engage in a daily contest. Based on the performance points of a specific day, the agent with the most points wins. An automated Cheer will broadcast the winner’s accomplishments.
  • Spark – Powered by our Machine Learning algorithms, Sparks are configured based on agent behavioral patterns, past performance indicators, and predictive analytics.
  • Quiz – Provide ongoing training with our eLearning module available right within the nGAGEMENT app! Measure each agent’s level of knowledge and determine key areas for improvement.
  • Badges – nGAGEMENT badges not only serve to demonstrate your progress and status, they are configurable for each agent!
  • Notifications – nGAGEMENT provides a direct messaging app, allowing managers to broadcast announcements and agents to communicate across teams and site locations.

LOEM is a proud strategic partner of nGUVU since 2017. The more information you provide, the more customized your demo experience. A member of LOEM’s team is available when you are to measure your needs. Do no hesitate to contact us for a demo of the nGAGEMENT software.